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Floor Hand
Title:Floor Hand

The Floor Hand Position is our entry-level position at Cyclone Drilling.  Generally, employees will start as a Floor Hand and work their way up through the positions on a rig.  Right now, Cyclone is hiring for the Floor Hand positions as they come open.  The majority of applicants who are hired have 6 months or more experience working on a large Oil and Gas drilling Rig.

The job of the Floorhand is to safely and efficiently perform all manual labor tasks on the drilling floor and B.O.P. area under the direct supervision of the Driller or, in his/her absence, the Assistant Driller. This includes the connecting and disconnecting of drilling pipe, tubular and drilling bits or tools as well as performing all maintenance of the equipment and physical space of the drilling floor. It further includes right up and down procedures, nipple up and down and care of the B.O.P. system, the monitoring and operation of the shakers and when called up to do so, to assist the Derrickhand within the mud pit, mud pump and chemical sack rooms. The Floorhand is responsible for the housekeeping activities on the drill floor including washing, chipping and painting. When trained, the Floorhand will provide relief for the Derrickhand.


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 6+ months experience on a large oil and gas drilling rig
  • Effective written and verbal communications
  • US Citizen or Green Card holder
  • 1+ years experience on a large oil and gas drilling rig
  • Safeland USA Training
  • History of employment showing long commitement to each employer
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At Cyclone Drilling, we believe that the hiring and training of good people is critical for the continued success of our company. The foundation of Cyclone Drilling’s success starts with solid leadership that knows how to foster a positive and safe work environment, while providing competitive compensation and benefits. If you believe in delivering high quality work and developing your talents in a team environment, then you would be a good addition to the Cyclone Drilling team. Employment opportunities exist in Colorado, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.  Cyclone Drilling is known for providing superior solutions through teamwork with our industry's leading professionals who complete tasks successfully.

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